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ID offerPTD103
UniversityPolitecnico di Torino
EU Subject SubCode06.9
Title of the course/domaine/keywordBIOM_2 Measured data assimilation into computational framework as a tool to support the clinical practice: development and validation of patient-specific hybrid hemodynamic models.
Explanatory textsee web page
Max number of scholarships1
Maximum Duration (months)10
Earliest start dateSeptember 1, 2013
Latest end date30-10-14
Contact NameIrene Gino (irene.gino@polito.it)
Contact emailscudo@polito.it
Possibility to learn the national languageyes
Language RequirementsProficiency in English proven through language certificates such as (IELTS score 5.0, TOEFL Internet based test score with 77 Cambridge PET pass with merit or other equivalent qualifications or higher: http://dottorato.polito.it/partecipare_en.html#requirements ).
Academic RequirementsYou must hold a qualification obtained from an accredited university that is equivalent to the Master degree of the Bologna system. You must r="c8c8c8">om ddbou lisa PhDn thgrk me . A s a tory af thdmerit lidasenthdmby ydoma qc8cac Requiraildbothe="c8c8c8includou lisydomaappln obtai
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