ID offerUSP3
UniversityUniversidad de Sevilla
EU Subject SubCode06.5
Title of the course/domaine/keywordPh.D. proposal on Advanced techniques of component analysis of the observations. Keywords: latent variable analysis, source separation, non-negative matrix factorization.
Explanatory textThis Ph.D proposal addresses the problem of the analysis and extraction of information from multiple sensors. In spite of the possible high-dimensionality of the observations, their intrinsic dimensionality is typically much lower. Classical techniques for finding latent structures are currently outperformed by techniques that consider learning over manifolds and subspaces of smaller intrinsic dimensionality, what motivates this proposal.
Max number of scholarships1
Maximum Duration (months)6
Earliest start dateSeptember 1, 2013
Latest end dateJuly 14, 2016
Contact NameSergio Cruces
Possibility to learn the national languageNO
Language RequirementsNO
Academic Requirementsphd
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