ID offerWUTM6
UniversityWarsaw University of Technology
EU Subject SubCode06.9
Title of the course/domaine/keywordEnvironment Protection Engineering
Explanatory textThe graduate (MSc) program in Environment Protection Engineering aims at research and engineering activities concerning the mitigating of negative impacts of human activity on the environment. The broader knowledge and the system approach skills are acquired, including data analysis and mathematical modeling. The students develop practical skills in designing and governing environment protection measures, including water and soil quality control, solid and hazardous waste management, environmental aspects of energy production and its use.
Max number of scholarships5
Maximum Duration (months)24
Earliest start dateOctober 1, 2013
Latest end dateJune 30, 2016
Contact NameDr Wiktor Treichel
Possibility to learn the national languageYES
Language Requirementsenglish proficiency at B2 level
Academic RequirementsBSc Degree in related field
Additional informationfull program in English