ID offerWUTU4
UniversityWarsaw University of Technology
EU Subject SubCode06.9
Title of the course/domaine/keywordEnvironmental Engineering
Explanatory textThe undergraduate (BSc Eng.) program in Environmental Engineering aims at a general engineering practice related to the protection of environment and sustainable development. The students are given the knowledge of processes in major constituents of environment as well as in basic environmental technologies, e.g.: atmospheric physics and chemistry, air pollution control, hydrology, water resources and water protection, water and sewage processig, groundwater , soil protection and land reclamation, waste management.
Max number of scholarships5
Maximum Duration (months)10
Earliest start dateOctober 1, 2013
Latest end dateJune 30, 2016
Contact NameDr Wiktor Treichel
Possibility to learn the national languageYES
Language Requirementsenglish proficiency at B2 level
Academic Requirementsstatus of a student in home University
Additional informationfull program in English