ID offerISTD9
UniversityInstituto Superior Tecnico
EU Subject SubCode06.2
Title of the course/domaine/keywordPhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering
Explanatory textThis PhD program provides advanced knowledge and research skill on topics of large scientific and technological impact, such as computers, electronics, energy, decision systems, control and robotics, and telecommunications. This program includes modules offered as part of the CMU-Portugal initiative and of Focus Areas of the Joint Doctoral Initiative established between IST and EPFL.
Max number of scholarships1
Maximum Duration (months)10
Earliest start dateSeptember 1, 2013
Latest end dateJuly 14, 2014
Contact NameVictor Barroso
Possibility to learn the national languageYes
Language RequirementsProficiency in english
Academic RequirementsSee Website
Additional information
Pre-filled learning agreementNot applicable