ID offerPTD63
UniversityPolitecnico di Torino
EU Subject SubCode06.2
Title of the course/domaine/keywordINEL_2 Smart grids and electric transportation system
Explanatory textsee web page
Max number of scholarships1
Maximum Duration (months)18
Earliest start dateFebruary 1, 2014
Latest end dateJune 30, 2016
Contact NameIrene Gino (
Possibility to learn the national languageyes
Language RequirementsProficiency in English proven through language certificates such as (IELTS score 5.0, TOEFL Interna basedeatestbiooith 77; Cambrt nguPET wessooith mgegt; oumbarnr ttp-estrnt qu"5"ertif nas oumhigrnr: nk">http://dottorato.politopt secipt e_en.E"><#rge Requirem ).>yes
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